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Hearthrob Goldens
About Us

Meet the Murphy's

   We have been in Goldens since 1996, and have a genuine love for the breed.  We can't think of a better breed to share your life with.
    Cheryl used to train and show in obedience for many years (about 15), and then we got our first 'show' golden.  She gives it her all when she goes in the ring, whether it be our dog or a client dog.  She seems to have a natural ability and really enjoys showing in conformation.  She put championships on 2 Cardigan Welsh Corgis (CH Winbucks Penny Lane "Penny", and CH Winbucks Triplet "Tatoo"), 1 Border Terrier (CH Wooly Bully's Election Miss "Ellie") as well as a friend's 5 yr old golden (CH Taylormaid's Geepers Creepers "Peepers") and our own boy - all within a year.  She also put a BOB on an 18 mos old special Curly Coated Retriever the day after their National over some 40 other specials and over the number 1 Curly!  She put group placements on a Boxer, a Pointer and a Vizsla (several including one Group 1 with this special).  Cheryl was pleased to have the opportunity to show a Curly Coated Retriever in Memphis 9/04 and pulled off a Group 1 for Dennis!
Since all this has happened, Cheryl has finished several more Goldens - including our own Merit.  She has had to take a break while we have been moving to our new home in Palmyra MO (by Hannibal).
    Cheryl takes handling dogs to a different level -
>  She doesn't take many dogs with her so she can have time with each of
>  All the dogs go to the hotel with her so they can have that "one on one"
>  She cares for them as if they were her own
      Kevin loves to help raise puppies and gives all that visit us lots of love.  He makes wonderful 'kennel help' on the rare occassion that he is able to travel with Cheryl.  It's wonderful to have someone who really does adore all our kids - even when they are temporary.

    Thank you for visiting us today.  We have a few links on the next page that we feel you might find useful.

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