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Hearthrob Goldens

SHR Hearthrob's Jensen Healey


This is our new baby - and we are so proud of her.  We enjoy observing the 2 different personalities of her parents (Bobby & Shelle) that come out daily.  She has been a wonderful puppy and are blessed to have her in our family. 
Jenna is showing some GREAT potential in the field!!!  She went to a UKC hunt test and competed in Started in May and passed both days!!!  She only needs 2 more passes to add SHR at the beginning of her name!
She has made an impression in the conformation ring as well - she was definately the entertainment of the day the first 6 times she showed!  I was afraid she would pull my skirt off a few times and other times was sure she would jump high enough to nip me in the nose!  But thankfully she is settling down now and show promise in this venue as well.
Keep checking back for updates on this little girl - I have no doubt she will keep providing me with more stuff to post!

2009 - Jenna earned her UKC SHR (Started Hunting Retriever) title!!!  She did this with her amateur mother as her handler!  She truly had a great time doing this.

2010 - Jenna earned her first point complete with winning Bred-By Exhibitor Best of Breed and then winning a Group 2 in the BBE Sporting group!  She is learning lots and is now ready to take the ring by storm.  I hope to get her out there soon as a serious contender (or as serious as she can be).

Jenna with Momma Shelle & Grandpa Doc

Hunt Test May 2009
Photo by D & D Oaks

Hunt Test May 2009
Photo by D & D Oaks

Hunt Test May 2009
Photo by D & D Oaks

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