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Hearthrob Goldens
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    Well Gracie has found her "Forever" home - and what a wonderful one it is!!  Not only does she have a new Mom and Dad who realize and appreciate how beautiful she really is (needless to say how much they love her already), but there's more to her new family!!  She has a new Golden sister who is about 8 years young (and feeling younger now that Gracie is there) - and she has a 4 year old boy, Conner, to take care of as well!
    I do believe that the perfect families happen for those special babies and this is proof of this very thing happening!  We are so happy with this match - and apparently so is Gracie!  She walked into her house like she has been there all her life and just fit right into their lives like this is where she belongs.

Gracie with part of her new family

Dr Conner making sure Gracie is feeling ok.

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